Do you know about an American chestnut tree that is still alive in Kentucky?
If so, we want to know about it. These trees will provide the raw material for our breeding program to eventually develop a blight resistant American chestnut for Kentucky. If you know about a chestnut that is surviving in your area please fill out the American Chestnut Mother Tree Form and mail it to either of us along with a sample twig and leaves. We will then confirm that it is an American chestnut and will arrange to visit the tree to collect further plant material at the appropriate time.

Please follow these directions to ensure that any samples you mail arrive in good condition.

  • 1. Place the twig and leaves bctween two sheets of notebook paper. Ensure that the leaves are as flat as you can.
  • 2. Place the notebook paper containing the chestnut sample between several layers of newspaper.
  • 3. Place the resulting newspaper and notebook paper sandwich on a firm surface.
  • 4. Place two large books (dictionary size) on top of the newspaper and notebook paper sandwich.
  • 5. Leave the paper containing the leaves under the books for about one week.
  • 6. After a week, remove the books and place the notebook paper containing the chestnut sample in 9X12 manila envelope.
  • 7. Mail the envelope by regular mail along with the filled out American Chestnut Tree Identification Form. Fill out whatever information you can, but directions to the tree and the person to contact are the most important information.

Send to: Scott Freidhof, 4455 CCC Trail, Morehead, KY 40351. Or send to Anne Myers Bobigian, 1230 Valley Dr., Louisville, KY 40213. (People in Southern Indiana can also send leaves to Anne.)

To get a .pdf copy click on the link: The KY Tree Identification form, or print this webpage and use the form below.